Caledonian Sleeper Posters | Journey of a night time London

ASLEF Union announcement regarding industrial between the 1st and 9th December – please view our service alterations page.

Planned service alterations during December & January due to engineering works – please view our service alterations page.

Caledonian Sleeper Posters


As the perfect way to wave goodbye to our outgoing trains and proudly usher in our new fleet, we commissioned a series of rail posters to commemorate this exciting transition.

The series provides a visual celebration of the unique destinations we are honoured to deliver our guests to, of course adorned with our approaching new trains.


Caledonian Sleeper Posters | London
Caledonian Sleeper Posters | London edition
Caledonian Sleeper London Poster


London is home to almost nine million people, speaking over 300 different languages. The city hosts no fewer than four world heritage sites and boasts the oldest underground railway network in the world. Inspiring, innovative and constantly changing, London is one of the world’s most vibrant cities.

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