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Before you go

Forget that feeling when a 3am alarm clock goes off, we’ve all been there! Having to get up in the middle of the night, catch a transfer to the airport, join the security queue, pay for additional luggage, the costly and time-wasting connection to the city when you land. Choosing Caledonian Sleeper for your business travel helps you strike the right work/life balance.


With our late evening departures, you can reclaim your day and make best use of your night.  


On your departure day you have the whole day to yourself. Head into the office, attend meetings, make calls, tick off some tasks from the ever-growing things to do list! All in all, a normal busy day.


After such a productive you can still day head home and have dinner with the family, put the kids to bed, and you even still have time to pack your bag for your business trip!


With all that time well spent, the only thing left to do is to head to the train station and prepare to snooze your way between London and Scotland on the eco-friendly Caledonian Sleeper.