We’ve made improvements to our website |

We’ve made improvements to our website

We’ve improved our booking engine to make it easier for you to book a unique way to travel. Below are a list of some of the new features we’ve added to our website.

New booking widget

We’ve made it easier for you to select all the booking options available, including children, adding a railcard, adding a bike, or pet to your journey.

New booking widget

Book larger groups

You can now book groups of up to 8 people in a single transaction.

Book larger groups

Accommodation selection

We now have a list of features available at a glance for our accommodation options. You can also see when our scheduled boarding and arrival times are too!

Accommodation selection

We’ve added accessible booking options

For the first time we can offer guests with accessible needs the opportunity to book online.

In the accommodation selection section if you check the accessible options button (shown below) you can toggle the view for our accessible rooms.

Accessible options

This will show our three options for accessible travel – Accessible Double, Accessible Twin and the Seat and Wheelchair space in our seated coach.

Accessible options

We’ve added month view

Now you can check availability on a calendar, allowing you to check availability and price differences around your selected date.

You can access the calendar view by clicking on the “show more dates button” shown below:

View More Dates

This will give you an overview with prices available for the whole month around your selected dates including availability and pricing as shown below:

Calendar view

Calendar View

We’ve improved our room and seat picker

When you have selected your accommodation type and added your guest details, on our review page (shown below) you have the options to select your room on the train (subject to availability).

Review Page

On this page click on the change room button (shown below)

Change Rooms

This will take you to our room picker page (shown below)

Room Picker

If you click on the “edit” button on the right hand side (circled in red in the image below) you will open the room/seat picker.

Choose your room

You can then select the room of your choice (subject to availability).

Pick Your Room

When you have selected your room you will see a message saying “changed successfully” as shown below:

Successfully changed

You can then select the “save selection” option (button shown below) to confirm your selection..

Save selection

You will then be able to review your whole order before making payment.

Watch our video of how to use seat picker below:

Seat Picker