Millburn Academy students visit Parliament |

Millburn Academy students visit Parliament

A group of high school students from Millburn Academy in Inverness took the Caledonian Sleeper service to London during a Politics field trip to visit the Houses of Parliament.

Drew Hendry MP, their local representative for Inverness, Nairn, Badenoch and Strathspey, met them off the train ahead of a guided tour of Parliament

Millburn Academy has opted to reduce their carbon footprint by travelling with Caledonian Sleeper as part of their desire to embrace greener travel options.

Millburn Academy students standing next to Caledonian Sleeper at Euston

Jason McClurg, Teacher of Modern Studies, Politics and History at Millburn Academy, said: “We were thrilled to have the opportunity to make this memorable journey from Inverness to London with Caledonian Sleeper, and for some of the pupils, it was their first time travelling on Caledonian Sleeper.

“They work extremely hard in class, and they were excellent ambassadors for our school and our area whilst on this trip. I am very proud of each of them.

“The service provides a direct link from the Scottish Highlands to our UK capital, and being able to hop on the train at Inverness is not only convenient but also a much greener option than flying.”

Drew Hendry MP added: “It was great to welcome students and staff from Millburn Academy to Parliament this week, as part of their ongoing studies into democracy.

“How fantastic is it that they were able to use the Sleeper to travel down!

“Young people are leading the way when it comes to climate change and making environmentally friendly decisions, and I am sure this played a big part in the organisation of their trip.

“The Caledonian Sleeper truly is a fantastic service, offering accessibility to and from the Highlands creating a welcome travel link with London.”

Steven Marshall, Head of Sales & Marketing for Caledonian Sleeper, added: ” We were so pleased to hear that Millburn Academy chose Caledonian Sleeper as their mode of transport. We hope more schools will be inspired by their approach and I hope the pupils enjoyed their journey and have a fantastic time in London.”