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Travelling with a bike

Planning on exerting some pedal power at your destination? Well, you’re in luck! With Caledonian Sleeper you can travel with your bike without any hassle. If you think that sounds good, wait until we tell you how much it will cost for this extra service… NOTHING! Yes, that’s right, nothing!

Now we have your attention, please have a read of the following important information regarding travelling with your bike. We promise it’s not a long read, just a handful of useful details to get you and your bike moving.


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The technical bit

Bike Protocol 

All bikes require a reservation to travel on our services. Due to high demand, we strongly advise reserving a space for your bike at your time of booking.

If you’ve made a booking and forgot to add your beloved bike on, or simply decided at a later date that you want to take your bike on a wheely good adventure (sorry – we couldn’t help ourselves!), then not to worry! Just give our helpful Guest Service Centre a call and they will be happy to assist you in adding your bike onto your booking!*

We have a dedicated storage area for all reserved bikes next to our Seated Coach, meaning you don’t need to worry about sharing your room or seat with it – there won’t be any room in your room for your bike which is great because no one likes to snooze with tyres in their face anway!

*Subject to availability. All bike reservations must be confirmed by noon the day before travel. If you do not make a reservation, you and your bike may not be permitted to travel.

The Spec Bit

The maximum bike measurements that we can accommodate for are…

Maximum Bike Length 1.8 meters
Maximum Tyre Width 2.5 inches

Sometimes we may ask for you to bring your bike in a bike bag if there are capacity limitations. If that’s the case, then the specs…

Bike Bag Maximum Volume 285 litres / 138x39x85cm
Bike Bag Maximum Wheelbase 126cm

Unfortunately, we are not able to carry bike boxes, tandems, tricycles or electric cycles. Sorry!

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The before and after


We bet you can’t wait to get on board and settle down! But before you think about that, we advise that it’s best that you arrive at the platform no later than 20 minutes before departure to allow plenty of time to get your bike organised. Once you have checked in on the service with one of our friendly Hosts, they will direct you to the bike storage area where you can safely store your bike. When you are loading it, please ensure the handlebars are fixed sideways and that you have the appropriate tools with you to fix them this way.


Yawn. Stretch. Yawn. Stretch again. Yeah, we know, you’re just too comfortable and you don’t want to move! But sadly, you need to because you need to be ready to collect your bike from the bike storage area when you arrive at your destination. It’s adventure time!


Although it’s rare, sometimes we are subjected to disruption issues that are out with our control, meaning that we may not be able to compete your journey by train. We are informed of any pre-planned disruption 6 – 12 weeks in advance and you can find more information here.

Unlike most Rail Operators, we can accept bookings up to 12 months in advance. We love that we can offer you this special service, however, it does mean that due to the timescales that we are notified of pre-planned disruption, your journey may be affected. Again, this is very rare, but if you are affected, our team at the Guest Service Centre will be in touch with you right away to organise your bike reservation needs with our road transport partners.

Should there be any unplanned disruption on your departure day, we will contact you as soon as possible to arrange with our road transport partners to accommodate your bike. If you decide that you do not wish to travel you will be eligible for a refund.

Good to know

Caledonian Sleeper operates one the UK’s longest passenger trains and because of this we are not able to accept bikes at Watford Junction or Dalwhinnie. This is due to the train being longer than the platforms.

If you are travelling on our Fort William service, you will be required to move your bike during a coach changeover at Edinburgh Waverley.

As with most things in life, bikes are carried at your own risk. For more information, please see National Rail Conditions of Travel.

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