London to Edinburgh


Due to the current COVID-19 outbreak, we are operating a special timetable. Please check our dedicated COVID-19 page for any changes to the advertised timetable.

Caledonian Sleeper is the best way to travel between London and Edinburgh, perfectly suited for those heading to a morning business meeting or guests looking to enjoy a capital day out.

This timetable runs until Saturday 16th May 2020.

You can download this timetable here.

Train services may be affected by essential engineering work especially during public holidays and weekends.

Please check travel times and our Service Alterations page before travelling.

  • a. Arrival time
  • d. Departure time
  • A. Sunday 15th December 2019 until 29th March 2020
  • B. Sunday 5th April 2020 until Sunday 10th May 2020

London to Edinburgh

London Euston
Rooms available 2300230022302230
Edinburgh d 2340234023152318
Carstairs d 002000202349----
Carlisle d 014401440141---
Watford Junction a 063906430639----
London Euston a 0707070707070707
Vacate rooms by 0730073007300730
London Euston
Rooms available from 2230223022302105
London Euston d 2350235023302134
Watford Junction d 001000102350----
Carlisle a 051305130445----
Carstairs a 062206220622----
Edinburgh a 0723072307230515
Vacate rooms by 0800080008000800