RMT & ASLEF drivers strike on 1st & 3rd February – please check our service alterations page.

Planned engineering works throughout January – please check our service alterations page.

London to Edinburgh


If you’re travelling between Edinburgh and London find the train times for your journey on the Caledonian Sleeper here.

Enjoy a good night’s sleep as we take you 337 miles from Capital to Capital.

Our trains departing from Edinburgh Waverley are ready to board from 2300 Mon-Fri and 2230 on Sunday.

Our trains departing from London Euston are ready to board from 2230 on the day of travel.

This timetable runs from  11th December 2022 to 20th May 2023.

Train services may be affected by essential engineering work especially during public holidays and weekends. 

Please check travel times and our Service Alterations page before travelling.

  • a. Arrival time
  • d. Departure time

London to Edinburgh

London Euston
Rooms available 23002230
Edinburgh d 23402315
Carstairs d 00202350
Carlisle d 01450144
Watford Junction a 06380638
London Euston a 07070707
Vacate rooms by 07300730
London Euston
Rooms available from 22302230
London Euston d 23502330
Watford Junction d 00102349
Carlisle a 05070440
Carstairs a 06150613
Edinburgh a 07300730
Vacate rooms by 08000800