RMT & ASLEF drivers strike on 1st & 3rd February – please check our service alterations page.

Planned engineering works throughout January – please check our service alterations page.

Ticket to a magical journey

Buy your train ticket with Caledonian Sleeper today. Whether it’s a cosy Comfort Seats or one of our en-suite Caledonian Doubles, we have choices to suit every budget. And to make life a little easier, we also offer special Flexipass and Family tickets available to buy online.

Room Supplements

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Room supplements allow people who already hold National Rail tickets or those included in the list below to travel in rooms on board our service.

If you do not already hold one of these tickets and wish to travel with us, please do so by booking through this website or via our Guest Service Centre, but do not check the box for a Room Supplement. This will take you to our booking system for our dedicated tickets, which include your travel and accommodation, and do not require the purchase of an additional Room Supplement.

If you have any of the tickets below, they allow travel in our seated accommodation, subject to availability. However, if you wish to travel in a one of our Rooms you will need to purchase an additional Room Supplement.

  • Anytime
  • Off-Peak
  • Super Off-Peak
  • All Line Rover
  • Britrail Passes (that cover the entire journey)
  • Inter-Rail Passes (that include travel in Great Britain)
  • Eurail passes (that include travel in Great Britain)
  • FIP Coupons for Great Britain Passenger Railway

A Room Supplement does not include a travel ticket and is not valid for travel on its own. You must hold a travel ticket to purchase a Room Supplement. If you attempt to travel on a Room Supplement without a valid travel ticket, you will be asked to purchase one, in addition to the room supplement you have already paid, in order to travel with us.

Room Supplements are available for Solo or Shared occupancy of a room in both Club and Classic accommodation.