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Upgrade with Seatfrog

We are delighted to announce our brand new partnership with Seatfrog, an application that allows our guests with one Classic Room booked to bid for an upgrade to one of our Club Rooms.

An upgrade to a Club Room? That will do nicely!

Our Club Rooms include an en-suite with shower room, full breakfast in the morning, Club Car access and First Class Lounge access at the station where available. 

With the Seatfrog app Caledonian Sleeper guests who have booked one Classic Room can bid for an upgrade to a Club Room where available. 

 To get started, download the Seatfrog app, available on the App Store and Google Play.

On the app, enter your booking reference to check if you’re eligible to upgrade

View your trip and choose to place a pre-bid or buy it now to upgrade straight away

The auction opens 7 days before departure for a 4-day window, allowing you plenty of time to bid to win an upgrade

Drum roll please! If your bid wins, payment will be taken, and the upgrade will be sent straight to your phone. Please don’t throw away your original ticket as the upgrade will not be valid without it


What is Seatfrog?

Seatfrog is an app that allows guests to bid for an upgrade to a Club Room from a Classic Room if they have purchased a Classic Room ticket.

What ticket types can I upgrade to?

Guests with a valid and eligible Classic Room accommodation ticket can upgrade to a Club Room accommodation ticket. You can only bid if you have booked ONE classic room.

What routes are available?

All Caledonian Sleeper routes are available.

How does it work?

Enter your booking reference (CSW NUMBER ON YOUR BOOKING CONFIRMATION EMAIL or bottom of your ticket) on the Seatfrog app to get started and any eligible upgrades will display. Seatfrog will notify you 7 days before departure if there is an upgrade available and an auction will begin. You may place as many bids as you like before the auction closes 3 days before departure. If you win the auction, Seatfrog will process your payment and generate your ticket upgrade straight to your phone as a barcode in the app and via e-mail.

Can I pay for an upgrade without the auction?

Yes, there is an “Upgrade Now” option.

When do auctions run?

Auctions open 7 days before departure and run for 4 days.

Does it cost?

It is free to place bids. You only pay if you win!

How will I know when an auction is open?

Just make sure your Seatfrog app notifications are turned on and they will notify you when an auction opens.

Can I bid for multiple upgrades?

Sorry, only guests travelling with one room per booking are eligible to use Seatfrog.

Can I bid for an upgrade on a return journey?

You can bid on outward and return journey if you have booked one Classic Room for each leg of the journey.

How many bids can I place in an auction?

You may bid as many times as you like!

Can I see other people’s bids?

Seatfrog hide the details of yours and other people’s bids. You can see if you have been outbid.

Can I use Seatfrog in conjunction with my Flexipass?

Yes, you can bid on a single room if you hold a Classic Flexipass and have booked one room for your journey.

What happens if I have a bike reservation on my original ticket?

If you have a bike reservation on your original ticket, please give our helpful Guest Service Centre a call on 0330 060 0500. One of our Guest Ambassadors will create a standalone bike reservation for you so you can proceed with your Seatfrog bidding.

I have pre-booked Passenger Assistance with my original reservation, will it transfer to my upgraded Seatfrog booking?

Unfortunately, the Passenger Assistance booking will not transfer. However our Guest Ambassadors can easily book this for you. Please contact our Guest Service Centre via Live Chat or call 0330 060 0500. Have both your reference numbers handy.

Can I use Seatfrog in conjunction with Rail Staff Travel, discounted or free tickets?

Unfortunately, Seatfrog is not available with Rail Staff Travel, discounted or free tickets.

My bids have won the upgrade! Can I choose my new room?

Unfortunately, guests are not permitted to choose their own room.

How do I show the Train Manager my new ticket?

Simply show the barcode within the Seatfrog app or e-mail along with your original ticket.

What happens if my train is delayed or cancelled?

Seatfrog upgrades are eligible for Delay Repay compensation if a service is delayed by 30 minutes or more or cancelled.

My plans have changed and I can no longer travel. Can I get a refund on my upgrade if my original booking is a Flexible Ticket?

Unfortunately, a refund of the upgrade will not be permitted. You can, however, still claim a refund for your original ticket cost within the T&Cs of your original ticket.

What happens if there is a disruption?

Seatfrog will try to stop auctions if there is any expected severe disruption.

What happens if my phone runs out of battery?

Your upgrade is only valid if you can produce your barcode within the Seatfrog app along with your original ticket. Please make sure your phone is charged.

What if I need help?

For Seatfrog App help you can access the ‘Help’ section in the Seatfrog App or the website or e-mail Seatfrog on

For help regarding rooms, onboard or ticket enquiries, please give our helpful Guest Service Centre a call on 0330 060 0500 or use our live chat service.

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions
  1. By downloading and using the Seatfrog application customers will have the opportunity to enter an online auction to upgrade to a higher class of accommodation subject to these Terms and Conditions together with the Seatfrog Terms of Service available at 
  2. This Seatfrog upgrade auction offer can only be used by customers with a valid and eligible Classic Room accommodation ticket, travelling on eligible Caledonian Sleeper services. To find out which services are eligible for the chance to upgrade via the Seatfrog auction, customers will need to enter their booking reference once they have downloaded the Seatfrog application.
  3. The Seatfrog upgrade auction offer cannot be used in conjunction with Rail Staff Travel, discounted or free tickets.
  4. Only passengers travelling with an eligible booking consisting of:
    1. One room per single journey – The booking may only contain one room, if more than one room is included in the booking the customer will not be eligible to upgrade.
    2. The booking must be for a Classic Room – Seats, Club Rooms or Caledonian Double will be not be eligible to participate in upgrade auctions.
    3. A maximum of two travellers per booking – multi-room bookings are not eligible to upgrade.
  5. Each Seatfrog upgrade is valid for one room and is for one leg of your journey on the stipulated date and time only.  Upgrades are not transferable, even if the original ticket allows travel in Classic Rooms on other Caledonian Sleeper trains.
  6. Upon payment of the upgrade fee via the Seatfrog application, customers are issued with a Club Room upgrade barcode. The upgrade barcode issued to the Seatfrog application must be presented, along with the original Classic Room ticket, to your on-train host at check in. Customers must also retain their original Classic Room tickets to pass through station gates and at check-in. The Club Room upgrade is not valid unless accompanied by a valid Classic Room ticket.
  7. The Seatfrog upgrade is not a travel ticket and is an upgrade to a higher travel class. The upgrade can only be used in conjunction with a valid travel ticket. If a valid travel ticket cannot be presented at check in a new ticket for travel will need to be purchased.
  8. Seatfrog upgrades are verified by the Train Manager. If the customer cannot produce a valid barcode on their mobile device, they will be charged as if they are travelling without a valid ticket. For further information please see “National Rail Conditions” . It is the customer’s responsibility to make sure their mobile device is fully charged, as verification can take place at any point during the journey.
  9. Seatfrog upgrades are also eligible for Delay Repay compensation if a service is delayed by 30 minutes or more. Customers will need to include their Seatfrog receipt when they submit a “Delay Repay claim”, along with their original train tickets. Please note for the avoidance of doubt, any Delay Repay compensation due to customers will be calculated based on the price paid for their original Classic Room train ticket and any additional costs paid via the Seatfrog auction upgrade application.
  10. The Seatfrog upgrade is non-refundable except where the customer cannot travel due to Caledonian Sleeper delays or train cancellation, or where Club Room accommodation is unavailable. Special arrangements will be made to accommodate customers on the next available Caledonian Sleeper train (although a room cannot be guaranteed), or to refund the upgrade fee paid, provided the journey has not yet commenced.
  11. The Caledonian Sleeper Club Room service varies according to date, time of day and the journey being made. All items and offers listed are subject to availability, may change or may be withdrawn at any time.