Caledonian Sleeper Posters | Journey of a night time Dundee

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Caledonian Sleeper Posters


As the perfect way to wave goodbye to our outgoing trains and proudly usher in our new fleet, we commissioned a series of rail posters to commemorate this exciting transition.

The series provides a visual celebration of the unique destinations we are honoured to deliver our guests to, of course adorned with our approaching new trains.


Caledonian Sleeper Posters | Dundee edition
Caledonian Sleeper Posters | Dundee
Caledonian Sleeper Dundee Poster


Requiring little or no explanation, we just had to include the Tay Rail Bridge… The gateway to Dundee by rail and often a weary traveller’s first introduction to this vibrant and creative city. Always visible on the distant skyline, we’ve of course made sure to include The Law – Dundee’s most distinctive landmark and highest point.


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