6th February to 15th March – Services between Aberdeen and London Euston – please view our service alterations page.

Planned service alterations during February, March & April due to engineering works – please view our service alterations page.

Comfort Seats

Welcome to Caledonian Sleeper and the start of your journey. Please take a few minutes to read our safety procedures and this accommodation guide.

You’ll learn more about the facilities on board and discover more about our stunning rooms.

Please speak to your host if you have any questions.

You are also welcome to get in touch via our website, or by emailing enquiry@sleeper.scot

Our Seats

Our comfort seats will help you drift off and ensure you wake up relaxed and ready to take on the day.

  • To recline, use the button located to the side of the seat and slide the base
  • There is a footrest which folds down from beneath the seat in front of you
  • Immediately in front of you is a USB port and a plug socket to charge your mobile devices
  • Each guest has their own secure locker. To set, simply close the locker, type in your chosen PIN number and then re-type the PIN number to open. Full instructions are inside the locker
  • There is also a luggage rack above your seat. Excess items can be placed in the luggage storage area at the end of the coach
  • Above your seat is an attendant call button
  • There is a reading light built into your seat. A switch is located directly below the reading light. The direction of the reading light can be manually adjusted
  • In the centre of the coach are two bins – one for general litter and one for recycling
  • Information screens are located at the end of the coach and will keep you updated on journey progress

Food and drink