6th February to 15th March – Services between Aberdeen and London Euston – please view our service alterations page.

Planned service alterations during February, March & April due to engineering works – please view our service alterations page.

Accessible Room

Welcome to Caledonian Sleeper and the start of your journey. Please take a few minutes to read our safety procedures and this accommodation guide.

You’ll learn more about the facilities on board and discover more about our stunning rooms.

Please speak to your host if you have any questions.

You are also welcome to get in touch via our website, or by emailing enquiry@sleeper.scot

Accessibility is embedded in everything we do, with our Accessible Rooms created to give you peace of mind while ensuring a complete Caledonian Sleeper experience.

We have worked closely with experts from The Shaw Trust to ensure that our offering goes above and beyond, not only in the Accessible Rooms but throughout the train.

Each of our Accessible Rooms capture the essence of Caledonian Sleeper, with handcrafted mattresses and complimentary Scottish toiletries.

  • At the foot of your bed you will find two plugs and two USB ports, designed for charging your mobile devices. There is an additional USB port above each single bed and two additional USB ports above each double bed
  • There are three charging cradles in each room, designed to be used to hold your mobile devices while charging. Please do not use the charging ports for any other devices i.e. hairdryers and straighteners
  • The lever at the base of the tap adjusts water temperature – forward for hot and back for cold
  • Underneath the sink is a table – to operate, pull the table out and unfold
  • Smoking, including e-cigarettes and vaping devices, is not permitted on board. Smoke detectors are fitted in each room and throughout the train
  • An accessible toilet is located immediately outside your room

Stay in control

We want our guests to be as comfortable as possible. That’s where our control panels come in – located in each of our rooms, they’ll allow you to set your preferred temperature, dim the lights and call for room service

  • The main light in the room is operated from the control panel at the head of the bed. There is a dimmer, situated on the lower control panel
  • These control panels also feature a reading light and temperature control dial, situated on the lower control panel
  • In the Caledonian Double, the control panel features a Do Not Disturb button
  • The direction of the reading light can be manually adjusted
  • The control unit at the foot of the bed also features an attendant call button, intercom system and a light switch for the light above the sink
  • The control panel is suitable for charging small devices such as mobile phones. Please do not use the control panel for any other devices i.e. hairdryers and straighteners

Food and drink