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Wilfred Owen's historic journey to Edinburgh revisited Published: Monday, 26 June 2017 10:51
The Wilfred Owen Association were on board last night to commemorate the life of the astonishing war time poet. 

Members of the Wilfred Owen Association joined Caledonian Sleeper last night as part of a series of events in Edinburgh to commemorate the life of the astonishing war time poet. Guests travelling from London to Edinburgh were invited to hear Wilfred Owen's story and listen to readings of his powerful poetry in the lounge car.

Representatives from Edinburgh’s Education, Arts and Literary Community joined the Sleeper as part of their work with charities in the Veteran Sector to commemorate the life of the war poet Wilfred Owen throughout 2017.

This year marks 100 years of remembrance since Wilfred Owen was treated in Edinburgh as a patient of the Craiglockhart War Hospital for Officers suffering from neurasthenia (more commonly known as shell shock).

The Caledonian Sleeper train arrived in Edinburgh Waverley station this morning at 07:20 to the sound of the Princes Street Pipers and Thoren Ferguson playing the Wilfred Owen violin. War time re-enactor Dave Clark was dressed in replica war time uniform to re-enact Wilfred Owen’s historic walk along Princes Street to mark the historical event that took place exactly 100 years ago.