Unearth Scotland’s fascinating past with five top family events

Credit: David Cheskin / VisitScotland

As Scotland celebrates the Year of History, Heritage and Archaeology this year, it’s the perfect chance for children of all ages to delve into the country’s captivating past and uncover some of its ancient treasures.

With dozens of events happening across the country, Caledonian Sleeper has rounded up the must see attractions for the whole family to take part in.

Be part of the Big History Weekend at Stirling Castle from Saturday 1st until Sunday 2nd April. Located within the Castle’s majestic grounds, the event offers a range of activities for everyone to enjoy. Take part in a virtual adventure through the Castle’s outstanding history and meet iconic figures of the past such as Mary Queen of Scots. There is also the opportunity to try out stone-masonry and join an archaeological dig.

Step into Mary Queen of Scots birthplace and marvel at the ruins of Linlithgow Palace which was once the main residence of the monarchs of Scotland during the 15th and 16th Centuries. Visit the Palace on the first weekend in July and watch as it comes to life hosting one of the first extreme sports in history, jousting. Witness fascinating displays of archery, chivalric knights and their noble steeds battling it out.  

There is also the opportunity to explore one of Aberdeen’s oldest buildings, the Tolbooth Museum as it celebrates its 400th anniversary. Learn about the city’s local history and the development of crime and punishment from the tales told by some of its earliest residents, including Quaker protester, Lilias Skene and murderer, Peter Williamson.

Paul Tomkin / VisitScotland

Discover Scotland’s ancient traditions at one of the largest artillery forts in Britain at Fort George. On Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th August, the 18th century fort is hosting a spectacular event with dozens of performers donning their armour and recreating famous battles. There will be the chance to meet with archaeologists to find out about their fascinating discoveries, as well as learn traditional skills practiced by those living at the fort hundreds of years ago. To join the celebrations take the Caledonian Sleeper’s Highland Route to Inverness.

Visit Scotland’s capital city from Thursday 16th until Sunday 26th November and join its history festival. With an abundance of walks, talks, tours, exhibitions, and theatre performances taking place across Edinburgh, there are plenty of hands-on activities to keep everyone entertained. With a wealth of heritage sites, ancient monuments, and traditions, Scotland is the perfect location for children to become immersed in astounding history this year.

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