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Travelling with Pets

If you’re thinking of a trip with us but don’t want to leave your four-legged friend at home, you’ll find everything you need to know about travelling with your pet here.

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We can accommodate up to two domestic pets in our rooms for a cost of £30 per journey. This charge covers the cost of a deep clean from having your pets in the room.

When making your booking, add the number of pets in the booking widget. The booking system will automatically add the cost to your total.

Pet restrictions

Pets are not allowed in the Seated Coach.

Pets are not allowed in the Club Car.

Pets are not allowed on the beds in your room.

Please ensure they stay on the floor during your journey.

Pets are not allowed to walk to carriages other than where your room is booked.

If there is a disruption, we may offer a rail replacement service. However, we cannot guarantee that your pet will be able to travel on this service.

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