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Caledonian Sleeper Limited Edition Gin

Caledonian Sleeper is delighted to have worked in partnership with Arbikie to create a limited-edition Gin to celebrate the Caledonian Sleeper and World Gin Day.

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Only 200 bottles in existence!

Our Caledonian Sleeper gin stands out as a truly unique and highly exclusive spirit, with just 200 bottles in existence. Born at Arbikie’s Highland Estate near Montrose, one of over 40 destinations served by Caledonian Sleeper, our bespoke gin uses farm grown ingredients capturing the essence of Arbikie’s field to bottle sustainable ethos. 
Profits from the sale of the 200 bottles will be donated to the Railway Children Charity. 

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Expertly crafted in partnership with Arbikie’s Master Distiller and the Caledonian Sleeper team, our gin has a few secret ingredients inspired by our epic overnight journey from London to Scotland’s quaint towns, vibrant cities, and spectacular Highlands.

Lunan Bay Montrose

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Our unique gin features notes of kelp, carline thistle and blaeberries to give a hint of the ocean, rock and land that surround Arbikie, and indeed the wonderful views across the gorgeous sands and sparkling sea of Lunan Bay, just a stone’s throw from the family run farm and distillery.

Buy one of 200 bottles of limited-edition Caledonian Sleeper Gin


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Watch our video about how we created our gin

About Arbikie Distillery

When the Stirling Brothers set up Arbikie Distillery on their family farm in 2014 their plan was to combine the best of farming, and traditional distilling practices, with innovation. Guests can see for themselves a sustainable field-to-bottle distillery built around real craft, real ingredients, and real people.

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Arbikie is unique as they distil from scratch using a range of crops grown on their 2000-acre Highland Estate. The distillery continues to lead with its innovation and commitment to sustainability. They produce spirits with a sense of place, and a taste of the land and sea that surround the farm.

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With a shop, café and cocktail bar you can enjoy food and drink as well as distillery tours and tastings. With incredible, uninterrupted, views out to Lunan Bay and the North Sea, you can also book to stay on the Arbikie Estate in one of four ÖÖD Mirror houses. Each offers a unique blend of rustic charm and modern luxury and a choice of sauna or hot tub whilst you enjoy the tranquility and magnificent views.

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