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Caledonian Sleeper Introduces New eTicket

Caledonian Sleeper has introduced a new eTicket option to help take the stress out of train travel. 

Guests using the overnight rail service will now have the option to download tickets to their smartphones and tablets allowing them to store all of their travel details on one device and save printing tickets.

The eTicket contains all of the reservations details for the journey and is displayed to a member of staff when boarding the Sleeper service. eTickets can also be printed and shown to staff for those who still prefer to have a hard copy of their ticket.

The eTicket option is displayed on the delivery page of the Caledonian Sleeper booking process and replaces the existing self-print ticket. Guests who have made advanced bookings and chosen the self-print option can still use their tickets for travel.

eTickets are available to all guests excluding those purchasing the following ticket types:
• Family Ticket
• Flexipass
• Pet Room or Cycle Space

For more information or questions about the new Caledonian Sleeper eTicket, visit the Contact Us page to submit an enquiry to the Guest Services Team.
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