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Embrace night time slumbers with Caledonian Sleeper Published: Monday, 13 March 2017 11:20
Caledonian Sleeper is set to teach drowsy travellers the art of getting a good night’s sleep at an exclusive on board experience this week. The overnight rail service is joining with sleep experts Sleep Scotland to talk to travellers in the Lounge Car about the science behind snoozing. Guests will learn techniques focused on changing their evening routine to get a better night’s sleep, with the aim of waking up feeling more refreshed and rested.

The event is set to take place on the London to Edinburgh service on Thursday 16 March. Sleep counsellor and CEO of Sleep Scotland Jane Ansell will be on board offering her expertise to guests so that when they return home, it will be easier for them to travel peacefully to the land of nod.

Jane said: “Today people have such busy lives. With a constant stream of digital updates as well as managing work, school and other commitments, it can be hard to switch off. We jumped at the chance to join Caledonian Sleeper and speak to travellers about a healthier approach to sleep, with the aim of sharing some simple strategies which they can use to sleep better and improve physical and mental well-being.”

Ryan Flaherty, Guest Experience Director, Caledonian Sleeper added: “As an overnight train, we work hard to make travelling with Caledonian Sleeper as relaxing and sleep-inducing as possible. Since taking over the service we have introduced eye masks and pillow spray to help guests relax.

“However, we know that waking up refreshed and getting a good night’s sleep every night can be difficult. We are therefore delighted that the Sleep Scotland team has agreed to join us for an evening of sleep education. I hope that guests who join the session will be able to put the tips they learn to good use when they return home.”

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