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Caledonian Sleeper Guests Enjoy the Perfect Pint Published: Tuesday, 26 January 2016 09:04

The Caledonian Sleeper raised a glass to one of Scotland’s most notable saints, St Mungo, by serving up the perfect pint on board the northbound service this week.

Leading craft brewer WEST, showcased their award winning beer on the London to Glasgow route - with guests enjoying an exclusive tipple with one of the company’s top tasters.

After introducing guests to the drink named after Glasgow’s patron saint, WEST’s Ruth Oliver, said: “We arrived aboard the Caledonian Sleeper with a crate of beer but left the train full of the Glasgow spirit. Our beer may use internationally renowned techniques for pure flavour but it is the Glasgow spirit that makes it nothing short of perfection.

“The evening not only allowed guests to learn more about the art and science of craft brewing but also to sample one of our many beers -  all of which are created using no chemicals, preservatives or artificial flavours whatsoever. The only additive is the time required to ensure the perfect pint.”

The event is the first of several planned for the year ahead and follows a successful series of food and drink events which took place throughout 2015.

Ryan Flaherty, Guest Experience Director at the Caledonian Sleeper, added: “Last year was filled with a great variety of on board events from acts from the Edinburgh Festival Fringe to tastings with some of Scotland’s finest food and drink suppliers.

“This year we are very pleased to have kick started a new calendar of events with WEST who have brought a fantastic tasting to our guests. I look forward to welcoming guests to more of these great events in coming months.”

Launched in 2006, WEST was born from the belief that Scotland deserved a premium lager to be proud of. Brewed in strict accordance with the time-honoured traditions of the 1516 German Purity Law, the company is the only UK brewery to do so. Every WEST beer is the product of carefully sourced barley, hops, yeast and water, and absolutely nothing else.

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