Franchise Update


Franchise Update

Today is has been announced that the Scottish Government have decided to appoint a public body to manage and operate Caledonian Sleeper, known as Scottish Rail Holdings (SRH).

This follows the announcement on 5 October 2022 of the Scottish Government’s decision to terminate Serco’s Franchise Agreement on 25 June 2023.

Over the coming months Serco will work closely with the Scottish Government to ensure a smooth and successful transition of the ongoing operations and management of Caledonian Sleeper to the new public body operator.

Caledonian Sleeper’s services will continue to operate as normal, and Guests will be able to experience the excellent service that our dedicated onboard teams are recognised for delivering.

If you have booked to travel with us or are thinking of travelling with us before or after the 25th June there will be no impact to your booking or our service.


Will my booking be affected by this announcement?

No. There will be no impact to your booking. The Caledonian Sleeper services continue as normal regardless of the operator

Is my ticket still valid after the 25th of June?

Yes, absolutely. The Caledonian Sleeper service continues as normal regardless of the operator.

Does the same cancellation policy remain after 25th June?

There will be no change to the cancellation policy.

Will your current staff remain?

Our staff are protected by TUPE regulations and will transfer across to the new public operator effective 25th June.

Is this the end of Caledonian Sleeper?

No. Caledonian Sleeper services will continue as normal. The only difference will be that it is governed, managed and operated by a public operator (Scottish Rail Holdings) instead of Serco.

Will there be any change to pricing?

No. Our ticket prices remain the same.

If your prices are reduced, will I get a refund?

There are no plans to change our ticket prices.

Will you be reintroducing bargain berths?

No. There are no plans to change our current product offering.

Will the ban on alcohol currently in place on Scotrail services apply to the Sleeper service?

Our onboard offering includes the option of selected alcoholic beverages. There will be no change to this part of our service offering.