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Dream Big

The new Caledonian Sleeper has arrived. Years in the making, our new trains are set to usher in a magical era of rail travel. Transporting guests between London and Scotland, we bring a touch of the extraordinary to your journey and unlock a world of possibilities.

Caledonian Sleeper | Dream Big | New trains
Discover the new Caledonain Sleeper accommodation
Caledonian Sleeper New Trains

When was the last time you truly took pleasure in the simple act of travelling? Our new carriages allow you to do exactly that.

Savour the locally sourced food and drink in our Club Car, have the ultimate sleep on our handcrafted mattresses and enjoy a private en-suite with toilet and shower in our Club and Caledonian Double Rooms. And most importantly, wake up refreshed, ready to embark on an adventure at your destination.


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Caledonian Double supplements | luxury train travel with Caledonian Sleeper


Every room on board our new trains captures the spirit of Caledonian Sleeper.

Club Car | Caledonian Sleeper

Club Car

The beating heart of Caledonian Sleeper is our Club Car, where you can experience the very best of Scotland’s food and drink.

Edinburgh City | Travel Edinburgh with Caledonian Sleeper

Magical Destinations

From some of the UK’s most bustling cities to more remote locations in the Highlands, Caledonian Sleeper can take you there in style.